Principal's Message

It gives me great pleasure to Welcome you to Bloom College, Chirawa, District - Jhunjhunu, State - Rajasthan (India). We have built and endured a legacy not only on the magnitude of our experience in college education but also because we continuously embrace innovation and exploration. we believe deeply that quality education is a necessary for better World. We are determined to bring about a radical change in everything. We are fully prepared to struggle for the bright future.

The college authority is very much a ware of imparting quality education to our students by developing competent teaching staff. The role of teachers, students and guardians is equally important for achieving the coveted good. We have a blehd of activities which serve to tap the talent, we will constantly polish and hone skills of our college students so that they can face the challenges ahead. Cultural events, annual function, drawing & painting, dance, music, sports, work shops and seminars for personality development.

Punctuality is one such quality. Time waits for none. If we want to succeed in life, we shall have to run with time. It is the key to success. We should not make delay in doing things. If we do not care for the time, the time will kick us back.

It makes a person great. We have to live in society. We must cultivate good manners. Good manners earn a person respect and dignity In a modern society education is very important. At the individual level it helps in the process of the socialization of the students. At the level of the society, it ensures that tradition and wisdom passes from one generation to another.

Finally, I would like to shave the pleasure that a prospectus with new shape and ideas has been published. We have many good things for you, and we will be adding more in times to come, in order to make education more result oriented and meaningful. With the greal deal of the college fraternity and a strong support system of the college management, teaching , non-teaching the college can steer towards the set goals.


                                                                                                                    Dr. M.K. Sharma


                                                                                                                      Bloom College Chirawa